Lifestyle Change

Sashimi Salad at Joey’s

The last few years I have struggled to find and maintain a sustainable, enjoyable, and vibrant lifestyle (re:diet, exercise, self-care, etc). I have worked hard to thrive, succeed and move up at work but have neglected myself. Swinging back and forth between A. Extreme dieting practices that give me amazing results externally but leave me feeling agitated and deeply deprived internally and B. Endless weeks of what Michael Pollan dubbed as “Foodlike Substances”.

What I do know and can say with certainty is that I want a lifestyle plan, something doable, realistic and gastronomically pleasing. I am finally OK with taking it slower, if need be. I am also 100% “good” with myself right now and strive to be during the subsequent “journey” ahead. I tend to always live and fantasize in the future (my future self, the end goal, the place after the hard work) but I can now see the value is always in the present moment.

In the coming weeks and months I will document my journey on the blog and my Instagram account.


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