Review: Enoteca Sociale


This past weekend I was immersed in Italian (specifically Roman) cuisine in Toronto’s Trinity-Bellwoods neighbourhood eateria: Enoteca Sociale.

According to the restaurant’s website the aim is to “bring a little piece of the Roman life to you”. So, naturally – as a food-lover who is yearning to visit Italy,  I was excited to experience Roman food.

As we stepped into Enoteca Sociale the distinct vibe and energy were apparent. The ambience is young, hip and happy. The patrons were clearly enjoying themselves as was evident by their wide smiles and generally lively chatter that buzzed throughout the entire place.

The atmosphere was romantic and even sexy: very dimly lit lights, wired industrial/minimalist chandeliers, candles illuminating every table and large curtain-less glass windows that allowed patrons to see the outdoors.

Customer service was beautifully executed. The wait staff was welcoming, extremely knowledgeable of the menu, thoughtful and very accommodating to our request. One of my friends was only interested in having a vegetarian meal and our waitress swiftly listed off all veggie options without hesitation. Our glasses were always filled with water once they were half empty (or half full) and we were check upon from time to time to ensure we were having a pleasant experience.

Now for the nosh …

We ordered 3 pasta dishes:

  1. TAGLIATELLE – Mushroom and toasted farro ragu, port, buttermilk & parmigiano-reggiano
  2. AGNOLOTTI – Braised oxtail, roasted parsnip, late harvest cider vinegar & parmigiano-reggiano
  3. SPAGHETTI CACIO E PEPE Sheep’s milk cheese & black pepper

And they were ALL delicious. Fresh homemade pasta, quality ingredients and luscious olive oil – I mean, yes, yes, yes! The serving sizes were perfectly enough (leaving us nourished and not uncomfortably stuffed).

The night finished off with a glass of champagne and a friendly and genuine goodbye from the wait staff.

Confessions: I have been to this restaurant before and was instantly charmed by it. That’s why I came back to write a review.  My experience was so pleasant and so satisfying, both times.

Aside: Although this visit didn’t include dessert, I have had dessert at this restaurant before and it was FIRST CLASS. I would highly recommend the Chocolate Terrine.




Enoteca Sociale

1288 Dundas Street West
Toronto, Ontario

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